Educators’ Stress and Solutions Techniques

Educators’ Stress and Solutions Techniques

Educators’ Stress Is A Serious Matter That Needs Attention – Dr. Somali Ghosh

Educators are the frontline workers and bear the brunt from all sides – students, parents, and administrators. A struggling student depends on a teacher; parents depend on educators for the well-rounded growth of their children. The success of any academic institution depends on the efficacy and skills of its educators. Educators carry the most critical responsibility on their shoulders, which can usually leave them stressed and exhausted.

Educators often get sidestepped when it comes to the stress that descends on them, especially in a covid-19 pandemic situation that led to significant increase in workload on educators. And also had to re-skill themselves overnight.

So how do we help our teachers and educators.

Dr. Ghosh addresses this challenge in a wonderfully collected thoughts and solution techniques on how to combat with this challenge.

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About the Author:

Dr. Ghosh began her career with the elite Indian Economic Service (IES) within the Planning Commission of India. Having interacted with world-class economists and academicians, who ultimately inspired her journey into academia, Dr. Ghosh followed her dreams to pursue a Ph.D. in Marketing Management. Dr. Ghosh is inspired by the fascinating field of marketing and the wonderful students who brighten every classroom. Dr. Ghosh has previously taught at the University of Michigan, and currently a professor at Case Western Reserve University in the USA. Dr. Ghosh is serving as a chief strategy advisor at Kapdec.

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