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How to Motivate Child to do Homework

Parenting requires a lot of effort. Especially during the schooling years of your child. Parents often feel anxious about their children’s studies and assignments. School Homework is one of the constant struggles as most of the kids do not take it seriously and parents have to run behind them to get it completed. Therefore, how to make children study or how to get motivated to study and complete homework is a question on the minds of all parents. In this jet-set world where both parents juggle between their professional and family life, their child’s studies might worry them. Hence, they need to find some solution to get their child motivated to study and do homework themselves. Here are a few ways on how to make children study and motivated to do school homework. We provide maths online classes.

Stop doing it for them 

The first thing on ‘how to make children study’ and be motivated to do homework is to stop doing homework for kids. Let your child take ownership of their work. There is a difference between helping and spoiling. Help your child in understanding the concepts by clearing their doubts but do not spoil them by doing their homework yourself even once. If you do this, your child will find an easy way of escaping homework and study and they will make excuses and expect you to finish their tasks quickly every time. This is probably one of the mistakes that every parent does. In order to save time and trouble, parents often do their child’s homework. This is leading your child into a more careless attitude. Persuade them to study and do homework, tell them the importance and how it will help them in classrooms.

Create a structure 

Another important and helpful answer to how to make your children study and do homework is by making a set schedule. Create a structure around study and homework. Set particular kids studying time. This way, you will not only make sure that they complete the homework every day, but will also teach them necessary time management skills. Sit with your children when it’s time for the school homework and strictly prohibit any other activity for them during that time. Over time, it will become a habit and they will start doing their homework and study at that designated time. Making a routine for your kids studying time is one of the important methods to make your child more responsible, motivated and organized. 

Encourage and reward 

For children, motivation comes from encouragement and appreciation. Every time your child completes their school homework, appreciate their efforts. Do check what they have done and encourage them to do more. Reward them a few times to appreciate their good work. Encouragement, recognition and appreciation are very important during your child’s growing, schooling years. This helps them to get motivated to study. It is often observed that parents who are too busy and do not care to notice their child’s effort in their studies commit a big mistake. Even the little everyday efforts like completing daily homework need to be acknowledged by the parents in order to encourage the child to do more. Rewarding for efforts is often the best answer by many teachers when asked how to make your children study or how to get motivated to study

Lead by example

Lead by example. Children do what they see. Hence, in order to tell your child the importance of their work, do not indulge in any leisure activity when they are doing homework. Read a book, complete a pending task, do some research work or scratch off a chore from your to-do list but do not watch TV, browse through your mobile phones, sleep or sit idle during that time. This may create a negative impression on your child’s mind, especially during their growing years. On the contrary, when you too indulge in some productive activity while your children study or do homework, it creates a sense of the working environment in their mind. So, when you’re wondering how to make your child study, start doing it yourself too. 

Let them bear the consequences 

Your child will learn to be responsible when he takes ownership of all the tasks and consequences. Do not try to defend them or save them if they get scolded for not doing the homework. Let them bear the consequences and know that if they do not study or complete their work, they will be responsible for the consequences. Protecting your child and making them responsible are separated through a very fine line. You must learn the difference between the two. 

Give them a break 

Most importantly, do not overburden your child by constantly pushing them to study. Give them the necessary break. After they come home from school, give them some time to rest, rejuvenate and have fun and then get back to study after some time. This will also create a balance in your child’s routine and will help your child evolve into a complete personality who knows the importance of study as well as rejuvenating. How to get motivated to study is often a question on not just parent’s but children’s minds as well. Short breaks can help them focus better. 

Teaching your child the importance of “school homework” can be a tricky task sometimes, but definitely not unachievable. When you start the right way and pay attention to little details right from the early years, you would not have to run behind them to complete their homework for a long time. Motivation is necessary, but you must also not over-push your child to irk them and develop an “I don’t care” attitude. Start step by step and gradually help your child understand the importance of homework. We hope you have got some useful insights on “how to make kids study”. Implementing these ways can help your child become a motivated and responsible student.