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Technology In Education, a Perfect Combination for Exponential Growth

A recent point of view presented by leading educators in US gives a good insight on the growth in e-learning and what are the major factors behind it.

It can be summarized that e-Learning has been viewed as a potential game-changer in the coming years due to the surge in the online education market and its quantitative consequences to raising employment opportunities, bridging the demand-supply gap in the Indian industries.

We are in an era of digitization and technological advancements that has a strong influence on almost every aspect of our lives on an ongoing basis. From the way, we communicate with friends and family in social networks to business networking or studying, or shopping, digitization footprints are visible. Likewise, the education sector has received its much-needed attention, and academia has welcomed this change in a most admirable way as to how the consumers globally and in India embrace this change.

As we name it, E-learning, driven by technology, is spreading its wings and has transformed the traditional classrooms into a digital and virtual classroom. Traditional classrooms, commonly characterized by hour-long sessions, with conventional teaching aids such as a blackboard/whiteboard or projectors, and books have been partially or entirely replaced by virtual classrooms filled with digital media, computers, and the internet, a vehicle of communication. Virtual education has made life easier for both students and educators.

The views are presented in an article, published in the Educations World.