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E-Learning | Reverse the Learning Loss in Summer-2020

The CoVID-19 lockdown has taken the world by storm. While almost all the domains of life and work are affected, the education system globally is no exception. In these trying times of a global pandemic, schooling, or the entire learning process is hampered at multiple levels. While there are many challenges thrown at teachers, students, and parents, the ones caught up in the most crucial spots are the learners or the students. Let us discuss e-learning.

A Breach in Regular Study Accelerates Learning Gaps.

As we all would agree, learning is a continuous process, and any breach, pause, or hurdle of any kind in this process may hamper the current as well as the learner’s future growth. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many countries were forced to shut down schools and colleges from the beginning of March 2020. It’s more than three months now, and we still don’t know when the entire education system will be back at its original pace.

This issue runs more profound than we may think. Critical and practical subjects like mathematics, which need regular practice and firm foundations, have been a problem for many kids who fear numbers and formulas. Mathematics online learning through e-learning platforms is the best rescue due to the current situation. This problem may intensify for them. With a breach in the regular schooling, they may lose their hold of concepts, which will build small gaps quickly, but these gaps will soon run into large holes in their learning and will hamper their overall growth.

E-learning, the Best and Effective Rescue!

With the world adapting to the new normal, ‘e-learning’ has become a big hit and probably the only alternative to schooling among teachers, students, and parents. Learning maths online is very practical and engaging with Kapdec online maths platform. While there are several platforms available facilitating e-learning for different subjects and grades, using them efficiently and consciously is the challenge that not many may be aware of.

Kapdec Online Mathematics Platform

E-learning in the contemporary world is unavoidable. Mathematics learning with the Kapdec Online portal is designed to make students free from the fear of mathematics. To continue the learning process, one has to change the strategies. The entire pedagogy with time and e-learning platforms have run many miles to accelerate the cognitive process in students. However, matching the pace with these rapid changes might be a problem for students who are not well-prepared for this turmoil, and hence, some may lose more than their peers.

The solution lies in being consistent, dedicated, and persistent in your approach while using these platforms at their full potential. Lockdown has given us ample time to revise the basics of every subject and make those concepts clearer resulting in a strong foundation for cognitive growth.

This is achievable when you’re guided correctly and continuously with the information that is relevant, easy to grab, and highly understandable. When you make this process of being consistent and regular in your self-development approach via e-learning, the lockdown will be a golden opportunity rather than a dark tunnel.

Kapdec recommends a simple strategy that includes a blend of easy actions that can help students take the most out of their summer and reverse the learning loss we all faced in last couple months.

Analyze the Learning Gaps in Mathematics

For instance, if we consider the general definition of learning gaps and look closely at it, it refers to the relative performance of individual students or the disparity between what a student has learned and what they were expected to learn at a particular age-grade level.

When these learning gaps accumulate at every stage, this may become an unimaginably big hole in the student’s learning, which might become hard to fill. Therefore, implying strategies that will fill these gaps slowly yet eventually is essential. The Kapdec e-learning is designed to provide best practices to ‘learn maths online’ and fill these gaps.

Summer learning loss- reverse the effect this time!

Going deeper into this, we’ll quote a study that already identifies summer break as a significant source of generating learning gaps in students. The education researchers call this phenomenon as summer learning loss, summer setback, or summer slide. Early comprehensive evaluation of this study states three significant findings:

  1. On average, students’ achievement scores declined over summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning.
  2. These declines were sharper for math than for reading.
  3. The extent of the loss was more considerable at higher grade levels.

Having stated this, we can now imagine how impactful this lockdown will be on students’ cognitive growth. However, there have been some proven strategies to reduce this loss. Designing a home-based curriculum for summer learning is what many education experts have recommended for a long time. Various schools and colleges have also accommodated this design as a part of summer vacation tasks.

Kapdec E-Learnings’ Guided Approach

With e-learning portals now coming into the picture, this task can be achieved more quickly, efficiently, and with greater ease. The Kapdec “online maths platform” can solve this at multiple levels and even reverse the summer learning loss effect. Instead of developing learning gaps during summer, students can now utilize this time to prepare for fall 2020 with Kapdec online math platform!

Looking at the conclusions mentioned above from the study, we see that students tend to suffer the most in mathematics more than any subject. Tackling with math can be tricky and fun at the same time. You have to craft a pedagogy that accumulates all the aspects of teaching in a fun and engaging manner as you help students “learn maths online”. This is what we, at Kapdec, aim to do. With our e-learning design and smart classroom portal, specially designed for mathematics online learning, students can gain valuable insights and information daily in the most engaging manner.

Maths Online for Different Grades

With the daily updates on mathematics teaching, problem-solving quizzes and questions, quick tips, and fun games, this tricky subject is easily convertible to useful trivia. Merely following the daily updates of the Kapdec on various social media platforms and logging into its “e-learning portal” will help students keep up with the pace of study and syllabus and manifest their concepts from the core. Meanwhile, they’ll build their interest and confidence in mathematics.

The Kapdec provides best tutorials, quizzes, lessons, and much more for

Maths grade 5

maths grade 6

maths grade 7

maths grade 8

maths grade 9

maths grade 10

While we do this, we keep in mind the different strategies to teach math online for different classes.