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Vedic Mathematics: Why should students care about it?



It is essential to learn the history behind the most powerful and proven technique used predominantly in the ancient Indian education system and how it is gaining momentum now. Students who have used these techniques have proven to excel in any competition exam and develop confidence to achieve their academic goals. 

What is Vedic Math?

  • Vedic is a Sanskrit word with its root or origin in the Sanskrit word véda, which means "knowledge, wisdom."
  •  Vedic Mathematics is a collection of techniques/sutras (formulas) to solve mathematical arithmetics quickly and faster. It consists of 16 sutras ( formulae) and 13 sub-sutras ( sub-formulae), which can be used for problems in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and conics.
  •  Vedic Maths is a mathematics system discovered by Indian mathematician JAGADGURU Shri BHARATHI KRISHNA TIRTHAJI in the period between A.D. 1911 and 1918 and published his findings in a vedic mathematics Book by Tirthaji Maharaj.
  •  Using a regular mathematical step, solving problems sometimes are complex and time-consuming. But using Vedic Maths techniques, numerical calculations can be done very fast.

 ABOUT Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji:

Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj was born in March 1884 in the Puri village of Orissa state. He excelled in mathematics, science, humanities, and the Sanskrit language. His interests were also in spiritualism and mediation. While practicing meditation in the forest near Sringeri, he rediscovered the Vedic sutras. He claims that these sutras/techniques were learned from the Vedas, especially 'Rig-Veda' directly or indirectly, and he intuitively rediscovered them when practicing meditation for eight years.

Later he wrote the sutras on the manuscripts, but they were lost. Finally, in 1957, he wrote an introductory volume of 16 sutras called Vedic Mathematics and planned to write other sutras later. But soon, he developed a cataract in both eyes and passed away in 1960.

 Benefits of Vedic Mathematics:

  • Vedic Mathematics can solve mathematical numerical calculations in a faster way. Some Vedic Math Scholars mentioned that by Using Vedic Maths tricks, students could do calculations 10-15 times faster than our usual methods. All students who have used Vedic math techniques have consistently seen an increase in their abilities to handle complex math problems and excel in examinations, especially in competitive exams.
  • We can use Vedic techniques to gain good scores in academic studies; on either side, we can use these techniques in competitive exams to avoid more time-consuming.
  • Eradicates fear of Math. So If your child has Math-Phobia High, Speed Vedic Math is a Fun-Filled way to do Math and raise interest in your child.
  • It Sharpens one's mind and increases mental agility and intelligence. Increases your speed and accuracy. Become a Mental Calculator yourself.
  • Develops the left and right sides of your brain using intuition and innovation. It has been noted that Geniuses have been using the right side of the brain to achieve exceptional results.

Most Useful Sutra's Name:

  1. Ekadhikena purvena.
  2. Nikhilam Navatashcaramam Dashatah.
  3. Urdhva-tiryagbyham.
  4. Paravartya Yojayet.
  5. Shunyam Saamyasamuccaye.
  6. Anurupye shunyamanyat.
  7. Sankalana-vyavakalanabhyam.
  8. Chalana- Kalanabyham.
  9. Shesanyankena Charamena.
  10. Ekanyunena purvena. 

What is Kapdec Vedic Math:

Kapdec conducts a comprehensive program worldwide to teach students to combat the growing problems of math learning loss.

We have reformulated all of the 16 sutras to teach students most efficiently. Kapdec math faculty, who have trained more than 2,000 students, has worked tirelessly over half a decade to re-organize all techniques and sutras as originally dictated by Vedic Math creators. Our comprehensive curriculum divides all techniques into five levels, mapped with the grade levels to ensure students build on the knowledge level one step at a time.


It is undoubtedly more integrated, efficient, and fun than conventional mathematics. It leads to greater enjoyment of mathematics, greater flexibility of mind, increased mental agility, and brings out creativity.

There are many methods to follow in Vedic maths; one can keep creating new forms. Still, Vedic maths is not as popular as it was thought to be ancient. "let’s start using Vedic maths and start loving Vedic math!”