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Vedic Maths in Modern Times

Vedic maths is an old way of calculating faster and accurately using 16 formulas, also known as sutras. Many Vedic mathematicians claim that understanding and applying Vedic math techniques in your daily lives can help you become a human calculator. Using the “sutras” in the Vedic maths scriptures, you can easily solve complex mathematical problems without using a calculator. In today’s online math classes, Vedic maths is a great topic to take up in various webinars.

This makes sense as long before discovering calculators and other tools to assist calculations, people used to derive mathematical results smartly, accurately, and quickly. However, with the world moving towards a British-based education system, many values and knowledge of Vedic mathematics became less popular. However, in recent times, the importance of Vedic maths online classes in the current mathematical system and its relevance in our daily lives has been realized more prominently.

Many mathematicians in India and other countries are asserting the value and productivity that Vedic maths techniques bring with them. Teaching students various Vedic maths techniques from an early age can greatly help develop their mental power and helping them do most of the calculations by themselves without using a calculator. This is great because it shapes a child’s mind right from an early age and helps immensely in developing their brainpower. In today’s era, Vedic maths online classes can be leveraged by school students to nurture their intelligence.

Vedic maths – improving mental power

It has been proven that by using Vedic maths online classes in daily life, students tend to become more active, productive, interactive, and even faster in their regular studies or education. India has been a goldmine of intelligence since ancient times. However, the importance and worth of some ancient values, including Vedic maths, in India are being realized now. Being a colonial country, it took time to gain its due value and importance but now, the whole world recognizes and appreciates this system and intelligence. In today’s time of online maths classes, this has been accelerated even more.

Recently, it has been noted that many schools have also started to introduce a few Vedic maths techniques or even short Vedic maths courses on their learning management system for schools to help students teach some useful techniques and aid in developing a stronger mental power. In addition, various e-learning platforms are introducing interactive Vedic maths courses to pursue through online maths classes.

The present time is ever-changing and fast-growing. In this era, the use of Vedic maths is highly relevant and can help students preparing for higher-level exams to solve problems faster by only using their mental power. For example, it is much easier and faster to find squares, square roots, cubes, and cube roots in complex mathematical equations with Vedic maths techniques. It is also possible to quickly apply division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction operations on big numbers and get accurate results in just seconds. Surprisingly, all this can be done by just using their mental power and no calculator. It can be introduced in various modules through LMS education and taught through the LMS Blackboard.

Sometimes, practiced Vedic mathematicians do not even require a pen and paper and derive the correct answer to a long, complex equation in just a minute or two. This is truly intriguing and surprising at the same time. Therefore, people in the modern era developed an interest and curiosity in learning the Vedic maths techniques and teaching them in their daily lives through Vedic maths online classes.

Vedic maths to improve your speed, intelligence, and accuracy

Today, you can find mathematicians and academic experts, and private maths tutors worldwide praising the worth and importance of the ancient Vedic mathematics system. This system and techniques today are particularly useful to students preparing to appear for senior-level exams where they need to perform well in a short time. Moreover, they can enroll in various Vedic maths courses on different e-learning platforms and learn some useful tricks.

Exams such as UPSC, GATE, JEE, CET, GPSC, and many others require quick, accurate, and logical solutions. Vedic maths can help a lot with this. For such aspirants, learning Vedic maths will help solve any question faster and remember certain things more easily. This is why today, many institutes, colleges, and even private tutors are offering online classes for Vedic mathematics. The popularity gained is due to its highly beneficial impact on increasing mental power and resolving certain problems quickly and easily. Many of them are learning this through ‘Vedic maths online classes’.

Here we will discuss the main features of Vedic mathematics. In a tremendous amount of competition,  Vedic Maths skills are a blessing for us in every competition. Mathematics, which is a challenging topic generally,  needs a greater number of learning efforts.

With the aid of Vedic Maths, mathematics can be taken up and learned in a very short amount of time with very little effort, and it can be translated into a fun and enjoyable topic. This can be done on a large scale through the LMS blackboard in online education time.



Coherence is Vedic Mathematics’ most remarkable feature. The whole setup is superbly interconnected and integrated instead of a mishmash of incompatible techniques or methods; the unspecified multiplying method, for instance, is easy or simple to return to allow for one-line divisions, and the easy squaring techniques may be returned to offer one-line square root.

This integrated characteristic may be perceived and fulfilled relatively simply. It builds easy, enjoyable, and advanced mathematical innovation.


The Vedic configuration of mathematics noticed unspecified procedures and their wonderfulness was evident with the results it yielded. The setup takes into account many limited techniques for the calculation arrangement. In several ways, we can collect numbers and perform more than one pattern at the same time. As with several modern teaching approaches, Vedic Mathematics doesn’t claim to be purely analytical. This flexibility potential sums up the fun factor in exercise. This leads to the progress and creativity of educators

It improves memory and mental power

Since Vedic maths include techniques that allow you to use your mental power to full potential, it is surely a technique of intelligence and has been proven to improve memory and mental power.

It helps in promoting creativity among students

Vedic Mathematics encourages students to get motivated and excited about solving critical maths problems. Students, of course, want to establish their own goals or approaches

solutions. In Vedic methodical analysis, technical beforehand is not essential

Wide application areas

Vedic Maths Sutras can be applied to a wide scale of mathematical areas, starting with arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, analysis, computational, differential and integral, etc. The list continues to provide countless applicability options.

Vedic maths in modern times

Many students are using Vedic mathematics in contemporary times, particularly the pupils who pursue competitive examinations. The sutras can readily assist in solving many difficult issues. Vedic Mathematics provides pupils with the added edge generated by broad mathematics. Even NASA scientists have implemented some Vedic mathematics concepts in artificial intelligence due to its adaptability in nature. Then Vedic math should be a benefit to all of mankind, brought about as a gift from the Vedas

Vedic maths in technology

The Vedic Math algorithms have become the leader in solving technology-related problems in the present digital and computer age. Many researchers working at top-level science and technology organizations like NASA, Intel, SPIE, and IEEE have used Vedic math concepts and presented them in various research papers. Applied to chip-designing, RSA encryption system, and elliptical encryption system, Vedic Math algorithms of multiplication, division, squares and cubes are very useful and relevant even in modern times.

Compared to the Chinese Abacus System, Trachtenberg System, Chisanbop’s finger math, Sakamoto Maths Method, and the Kumon System, Vedic math is the most advanced mathematical system globally. Algebra and even Trigonometry that remains beyond the other math systems described above can be used with Vedic Math apart from Arithmetic.

Vedic mathematics in the present education system

In students, instructors and even parents, math phobia are common worldwide! But, there’s also a system that helps to make math entertaining, it’d be helpful to everybody. There is one technique of finding the right response in mathematics in Vedic Maths. Vedic math, an old Indian approach, is a shortcut to standard calculations while being pleasant to learn and employ.

The dilemma arises as to how to include Vedic mathematics into or at higher levels of the current curriculum. Many organizations have worked enormously in this subject for numerous years. in particular. This organisation educated more than 10,000 Vedic mathematics instructors and developed the mathematical syllabus for the CBSE for grades I through XII. These days, this has been taught through “online maths classes”, “maths tuition” by “private maths tutors”, and other institutions that have their ‘e-learning platforms’.

While mathematical research can calculate extremely quickly and precisely, indirectly, it will be helpful for other disciplines and social sciences. Vedic mathematics experts claim that their practice significantly improves the thinking, analytical and synthesis capability essential for the study. In study/teaching Vedic mathematics, however, there are obstacles. Different apps or materials would have to be developed especially in the era of online learning.